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Bridge Project Update

So I have not had the chance to shoot nor scan the 3 remaining rolls of my processed superia 400 film.

Justice Now

Plus I am finding it difficult to pick the three photos aswell. How do you choose them as a coherent set? What narrative do I wish to show? Portraiture? Shadows? Still life?

Make shift bin

Perhaps Morning, Lunch and Late in the afternoon? Decisions decisions. Tips and advice welcome!

Down and out

Roll 11: Lucky Super 200

Roll 11: Lucky Super 200

I got my test roll developed at the only place processing film out of the whole region. Sadly film enthusiast are reducing here too. It was no surprise that most of the exposures were damaged, probably from the non use of the machine. Luckily this was my test roll. The images were about over exposed even with the meter. I am not sure if the camera was the reason for this or the processing itself. As always lightroom saves the day 🙂 Brought out the contrast and decreased the highlights.

The Philippines has so much texture in their materials and life so I thought I’d shoot them for this test.

T (2 of 5)

Character in textures and materials.

T (3 of 5)

Peeling paints are always a winner.

T (5 of 5)

Old school filipino slide with an interesting curve.


A street image of course. The black rip and dots are on most of the exposures.  Wont be getting my film processed there anytime soon.

T (4 of 5)

White Steel door and some circular marks on the concrete wall.