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I have began exploring film as a creative medium rather than just something to capture a moment while out and about. Seeing Rebecca Norris Webb and Ralph Eugene Meatyard work has opened up a whole other realm of photographic possibilities.

All the shots are from the same roll of Kodak Ultramax 400. The last shot is the first time I have tried using film for long exposure work. I used an app as a lightmeter which thankfully worked out. I love how film creates  such unpredictable colours and effects.







Roll 8: Kodak 125PX

Roll 8: Kodak 125PX

I was going for a stroll around my suburb. I have photographed underneath this bridge before but had never gone to the otherside of it. I decided to check it out and noticed some ripples on the water. At first I thought it was a man swimming towards the shore so I got my camera ready.

But it was even better.
It turned out to be a dolphin!
It was a pretty awesome experience. I couldn’t believe my luck and it even swam towards me. I almost went into the water lol. Just goes to show to always have a camera with you because you never know what you will encounter. I would say it is one of the most joyful experiences I have had and it was completely unexpected! You can see its dorsal fin in the middle. I was lucky to catch the boat beyond aswell.


Perth CBD beyond.


Early morning sun. Voting time

Taken during the polls for local voting early this year in WA. Australia is about to have our federal elections this September 7. It has been pretty interesting, almost soap drama like. The labour government came into power with Kevin Rudd as the Prime Minister, he was then axed and our very first woman PM took over, Julia Gillard. Alot of people were pretty pissed off this occurred. Anyway recently there was another revolt and Kevin Rudd was again placed by the labour to be Prime Minister.

potential home buyers

I thought these two magpies seemed interested in the open house next door.  Maybe they wont swoop and scare people during nesting season. Traumatised me as a kid!


)Two fishermen on a gloomy day. Bridge beyond is where I took the first image.


New addition to Forrest Place in the Perth CBD. The square is great for some street photography.

Roll 3: Kodak Tri-X 400

Roll 3: Kodak Tri-X 400

Very first actual BW film! Managed to find a lab to process it at an affordable price. I would love to process bw film myself one day but still slowly gathering the equipment and chemicals needed. So far I have a roll of undeveloped film I shot lol.. This shot of the opera house from the distance was the very first capture from the roll. It was raining pretty bad and after I took this, my viewfinder fogged up. As a consequence a few of  captures where out of focus as I could not see properly lol.

Copyright Justin Tan-Torres
Copyright Justin Tan-Torres

Thankfully, I managed to find shelter. Everyone was waiting for the rain to ease. Each with their own places to go but gathered to one place for the same reason. Pretty proud of these captures as I was using the canonet with a busted light meter. Sunny 16 all the way! 😀

Copyright Justin Tan-Torres
Copyright Justin Tan-Torres

Eventually the rain eased. Tourists flocked to the Icon of Sydney.

Copyright Justin Tan-Torres
Copyright Justin Tan-Torres

Harbour bridge from the opera house. Always busy with activity.

Copyright Justin Tan-Torres
Copyright Justin Tan-Torres

An invisible man sits amongst the crowd. Pretty cool dude. If you are ever at the rocks in Sydney you wont miss him although his head is missing lol. I think I have found my film of choice. Tri-x is brilliant!

My City From the safety of Suburbia

Expired Film: Kodak Ektachrome 64T pt.2
Copyright Justin Tan-Torres
Suburbia arised as to get away from the busy, dirty and smelly cities of the past. As with most changes, it is now a problem known as suburban sprawl. Currently high – medium density developments is being pushed by planners as to stop the “spread”, destruction of land and increase community engagement in our society. Would you give up your white picket fence for a small apartment?

Hey all. I had been posting quite a bombardment of images of my film progress lately due to excitement. I realised this pace is akin to burst shooting and decided to just take it down a notch. I shall try to filter things slowly here otherwise I’d run out of images to share lol..  It seems silly to rush posting images, as it almost defeats the purpose of shooting film. I find it’s making me shoot faster as I would just want to get it develop and scanned ASAP.

Copyright Justin Tan-Torres
I dream of a holiday

I have been a little spoiled getting 5 rolls developed in less than a month. This not very economical especially when one does not process nor scan his fim yet. I’ll try to write more stuff on my experiences while shooting rather than just the scans as I feel the process of searching for the “shot” is overlooked  (That moment you felt there was a potential in the scene you were looking at and had this itch to capture). I find this has the tendency of reducing images into mere adjectives especially on image sharing sites. I am glad to have discovered that in my short time blogging about my film foray, a dialogue exists between bloggers/photographers. The overwhelming positive response/ support and discussions I have had so far had been terrific. There is a wealth of knowledge out there and you all have been very kind to share 🙂 Thank you!

Did I mention film was awesome? lol

Expired Film: Kodak Ektachrome 64T

Expired Film: Kodak Ektachrome 64T

Date Expired: 1999

This was the first film I have shot when I received my SLR. I had finally gotten it developed here in Sydney after one month of sitting in my bag. The lab called me once they finished developing as the film came out thin and asked if I still wanted it scanned. I gave the go ahead as I had waited for a month to see it on my screen and of course share it on this blog. Sadly the complication did not end there. On the following morning it was scheduled for pick up but the scanner was not burning them to CD and had to wait an extra day. Luckily it was fixed this morning and I have posted some of them here (I can’t show all of them at once) ;P

Home Alone
Home Alone
Jetty Perspective

The scans came out soft and not contrasty with not alot of detail. I had to do some lightroom editing to get some details back. Thanks vgonis for the lightroom discussion. It helped with the easing of touch ups 🙂 Perhaps I should have cross processed it? I similarly have an expired 10 yr provia awaiting developing. Should I cross process this? Im just glad they didnt turn out blank!

FYI some lightroom editing which helped bring some contrast and detail were:

Luminance and saturation on the ‘blue color slider, adjusting blacks, highlights, contrast & shadow sliders were also helpful.

Film 2: Kodak Portra 800 @ the Streets of Sydney part 1

Film 2: Kodak Portra 800 @ the Streets of Sydney

“Urban Fishing”
(preview of a ‘Landmark’ street series I had in mind)

The green tinge I observed from my indoor shots on the previous post is not so apparent when Portra 800 was used outside. I love the look of film!