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Another roll scanned from the bridge

A quick post of some photos which could potentially be part of my final three selections. I just need to clarify the narrative. Despair as a whole in the bridge? Personally a more compelling theme and will hold an interesting narrative.

Man with stained shirt

I had initially started off with an interest on the City narrative and the human narrative as could be seen in this bridge.

Woman with roses

But how do you show the state vs human & does it even apply in the area I had chosen? It’s not really a contested space. There is a sign saying no lying down, sitting or standing on the side walls but I had not seen it enforced.

Man’s boot and my shadow
Fractured Self Shadow






Roll 5: Fujifilm Superia 400

Roll 5: Fujifilm Superia 400

Apologies for disappearing. Had some commitments and university things to deal with. Starting to get a backlog of films to be developed lol. Anyways here are some of my selections shooting with this film. Wasn’t overtly happy with what I got. Rushed it too much and had a very amateur/stupid assumption that I bought 36exp when it was infact 24 😦 Missed alot of shots but hey thats how you learn!

Amongst the birds
Amongst seagulls
Left Out
Left Out