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It’s been awhile

So I’ve been away on hiatus for about 3 years haha. Easily explained by the cost of film and my low hit rate with it. Fast forward to 2017 and I think I am starting to finally get the hang of photography and the courage to talk to strangers when doing some street photography.

Man I do miss shooting film. I’ve already shot 6 rolls this year! Back with a vengeance. I bought a scanner last year too which is helping with the cost. I am planning to get some equipment to process some C41 film this week.

Photos are from a Superia 400 roll shot last year.

Floyd &  Emil – Northbridge 2016



Each to their own

Each to their own

One month to go until thesis is due. Counting down until I get to develop another roll 😀 oh and finishing school. Sadly was not able to stick to taking photos each week of my progress 😦

Hope to get back to more film learning once all is said and done 🙂