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It’s been awhile

So I’ve been away on hiatus for about 3 years haha. Easily explained by the cost of film and my low hit rate with it. Fast forward to 2017 and I think I am starting to finally get the hang of photography and the courage to talk to strangers when doing some street photography.

Man I do miss shooting film. I’ve already shot 6 rolls this year! Back with a vengeance. I bought a scanner last year too which is helping with the cost. I am planning to get some equipment to process some C41 film this week.

Photos are from a Superia 400 roll shot last year.

Floyd &  Emil – Northbridge 2016



Agfa Precisa CT – Slide film goodness

Although technically not my first slide film as I shot some expired tungsten film at the beginning of my film journey, seeing the results of the Agfa made me  appreciate and marvel at the beautiful colour positive film gifts us with. I see nothing close to it in the digital age. So much so that I am thinking of purely shooting slide film and investing in a several more rolls of Agfa Precisa as it is affordable to buy from ebay. I also found a very good lab that does processing. Abit on the expensive side but the scans are tiffs and the processing is superb. My scans look so much more richer and clean. I hope they stay around for a long time.


SPNC - Year 4 - # 19




Roll 17: Lucky Super 200

Canonet QL17 GIII
Lucky Super 200

Philippines 2013

Photos from a walk about of my home town in the Philippines last year.  I was very much drawn to the rawness of the place for photography reasons. But on the flip side felt disappointed and frustrated that no maintenance or cleaning was done by the authorities.

Philippines is supposedly the one of the fastest growing economies in South East Asia this year. How much of that actually goes back to the people who need it the most, would most likely be very minimal.



untitled-6 untitled-4




This photo was taken September this year from my trip to the Philippines on calmer times. There I experienced one of the worst floods in the history of the city of Olongapo, but that is nothing compared to the destruction of one of the strongest storm that ever hit the planet in 30 years. Haiyan, hit the island of bohol with 320km/h wind gusts, displacing thousands of residents and killing more than 10 000 people.  It is a full blown humanitarian crises. It hit close to home too as one of the Australian’s killed was a former priest at my parish. He leaves a baby girl, a wife and two kids. That really shook me. I was not that close with him, but I felt a real sense of loss. Life can really just change in an instant. I cannot imagine how his family and friends are feeling.

Lots of aide is thankfully coming through but I hope they are mindful of the corrupt snakes in the Philippine government that would not think twice to pocket $$ from the victims if given the chance.

Roll 14: Lucky Super 200

People’s Park in the Sky

One of the most interesting places I have visited it while staying in the Philippines. Travel time was more than 5 hours courtesy of the insane traffic in Manila and bad road conditions from the strong typhoon that hit the country 2 weeks earlier. The park is located in Tagaytay, a place that looks cleaner than most places in the Philippines, has considerably less people and noticeably cleaner air, the park is a gold mine for photography. There are lots of texture and urban decay, a great location for a photoshoot.

Built under the Marcos regime, the park is massive and is located on the highest point of the City, visitors are able to view Taal Volcano in the distance. It is eccentric to say the least, with Greek style columns, an amphitheater, a statue of David, and a large statue of Jesus. I can only imagine how beautiful and grand it must have been when it was in its prime. I wish it was looked after more. As corrupt as Marcos was during his reign, I must say he contributed a lot in the vision and architecture of the country. But he will always be overshadowed by shoes.