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Perth Street Art

The street art scene in Perth has increased quite a bit. The local government has commissioned international artists to work all over the city. I usually dont like taking photos of other people’s work, so I try to take it in my own point of view. Sadly I do not know who the artists are and thus cannot give them credit. If you recognize any of the artist work please let me know. The films I used are Agfa Precisa CT, Kodak Ultramax 400 and Agfa Vista 400 & 200. All taken with the little Canonet QL17 GIII.






Under The Bridge

Under The Bridge

I have developed and scanned quite a number of rolls over the last month and have realised a number of things while shooting and reviewing the work.

1. The 40mm focal length of the canonet gets alot of the foreground. Much more care needs to be considered when shooting as the foreground can dominate much of the frame.

2. 35mm focal length will be much harder to use.

3. I would like a separate light meter as my camera lies to me and tells me it cannot expose the scene when it can when I shoot manual by accident. It would be nice to know exposure intuitively.

4. I crop too much during post. I dont like that. Which goes back to number 1.

5. Maybe I am better suited to shoot with a 50mm.

6. I like colour.

7. I think too much when I shoot. The camera is not yet an extension of my eye. Moments appear then disappear. By the time I realise there was something there, its too late.

8. I wish I could direct people.

9. I hope to get use to rejection when I do ask for permission.

10. I dont know my creative process.

11. Frustration is part of it all.

12. I want to shoot more and more.

13. I suck at self editing.

14. I want a Rollei 35 SE

15. I want a leica

Mount Henry Bridge_glove Mount Henry Bridge1


Roll 17: Lucky Super 200

Canonet QL17 GIII
Lucky Super 200

Philippines 2013

Photos from a walk about of my home town in the Philippines last year.  I was very much drawn to the rawness of the place for photography reasons. But on the flip side felt disappointed and frustrated that no maintenance or cleaning was done by the authorities.

Philippines is supposedly the one of the fastest growing economies in South East Asia this year. How much of that actually goes back to the people who need it the most, would most likely be very minimal.



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