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Perth Street Art

The street art scene in Perth has increased quite a bit. The local government has commissioned international artists to work all over the city. I usually dont like taking photos of other people’s work, so I try to take it in my own point of view. Sadly I do not know who the artists are and thus cannot give them credit. If you recognize any of the artist work please let me know. The films I used are Agfa Precisa CT, Kodak Ultramax 400 and Agfa Vista 400 & 200. All taken with the little Canonet QL17 GIII.






Fremantle Beach

Part of my Beached As series. Went and drove to Fremantle one weekend with my Canonet loaded with Kodak Ultramax 400. Planning to make a book out of it after a year or so of going around beaches 🙂























Roll 10: Kodak Tri-X 400 Light Leakage!!

Roll 10: Kodak Tri-X 400

Flying off tomorrow morning. Thought I’d fit in my last roll before I went. This tri-x roll was my first mishap with film. I rewinded up the roll but it did not fully go through 😦 As a result i got some light leaks and lost 7 exposures. I decided to get it developed first then scan what was recoverable thinking I would save some $$. The developing cost $11.95 from Fotoriesel in Sydney and $16.95 for develop and scan. Once I got the rolls back, I scanned the exposures using Camerahouse at my local suburb. It ended up costing $15.00!!! Almost the price of another roll scanned and developed 😦 I should really just start saving up for some chemicals to develop myself.


Anyways sorry about the rant. Here’s some of the exposures 🙂

Image 1 (Above):

A pressing issue in Australian politics. Boat people (asylum seekers) and how to handle them. Christianity’s view on the matter not reflected by the two major political parties PM candidates. Interestingly enough they are both Christian.

dog (1 of 1)

Image 2:

Dog waiting for owner.

untitled (1 of 1)-2

Image 3:

Mobile Friends. I often wonder how the future will see us today just staring at our phones. The photographs of the other decades seems so much more connected.

Station (1 of 1)

Image 4:

Boy waiting at train station

Rest (1 of 1)

Image 5:

Fitting in a quick nap by some tourist at Circular Quay, Sydney.

Image 6:

Duck for dinner

Circular Quay (1 of 1)

Image 7:

Circular Quay Station with the harbour bridge View.

untitled (1 of 1)

Image 8:

An empty eatery. This would have been better in colour.



Roll 7: Expired Kodak 125PX

Roll 7: Expired Kodak 125PX

This particular roll of film came bonus with my Canonet rangefinder. The seller was kind enough to give me some rolls to try out with the camera purchase. Like the Tri-X it has been stored away for 6 months whilst I was doing my masters. Surprise at how much grain it has but I am not sure if that is due to expiration.

Above Image: “Cliche”

As I was out for a photowalk I came across a chicken crossing the road! What are the chances of that? Its in the middle of suburbia! One of the images I hoped turn out well.

Whats the fuss?
“Whats the fuss?”

Boy resting at the blue mountains look out in NSW.

War of the Worlds

A structure which is seemingly inspired by War of the Worlds. Windsor NSW, Australia

Three Sisters

Three sisters at Blue Mountains NSW.