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Bridge Project – Final 3 sequence

Without further ado, and with much deliberation, the final three images from my mini 6 week bridge project. The task was to shoot a particular location and create a series using three photos. The advise and guidance of one of the photographer’s running the project really helped me with the narrative and sequencing. Hope you guys enjoy and would love to hear your thoughts


Roll 10: Kodak Tri-X 400 Light Leakage!!

Roll 10: Kodak Tri-X 400

Flying off tomorrow morning. Thought I’d fit in my last roll before I went. This tri-x roll was my first mishap with film. I rewinded up the roll but it did not fully go through 😦 As a result i got some light leaks and lost 7 exposures. I decided to get it developed first then scan what was recoverable thinking I would save some $$. The developing cost $11.95 from Fotoriesel in Sydney and $16.95 for develop and scan. Once I got the rolls back, I scanned the exposures using Camerahouse at my local suburb. It ended up costing $15.00!!! Almost the price of another roll scanned and developed 😦 I should really just start saving up for some chemicals to develop myself.


Anyways sorry about the rant. Here’s some of the exposures 🙂

Image 1 (Above):

A pressing issue in Australian politics. Boat people (asylum seekers) and how to handle them. Christianity’s view on the matter not reflected by the two major political parties PM candidates. Interestingly enough they are both Christian.

dog (1 of 1)

Image 2:

Dog waiting for owner.

untitled (1 of 1)-2

Image 3:

Mobile Friends. I often wonder how the future will see us today just staring at our phones. The photographs of the other decades seems so much more connected.

Station (1 of 1)

Image 4:

Boy waiting at train station

Rest (1 of 1)

Image 5:

Fitting in a quick nap by some tourist at Circular Quay, Sydney.

Image 6:

Duck for dinner

Circular Quay (1 of 1)

Image 7:

Circular Quay Station with the harbour bridge View.

untitled (1 of 1)

Image 8:

An empty eatery. This would have been better in colour.



Roll 8: Kodak 125PX

Roll 8: Kodak 125PX

I was going for a stroll around my suburb. I have photographed underneath this bridge before but had never gone to the otherside of it. I decided to check it out and noticed some ripples on the water. At first I thought it was a man swimming towards the shore so I got my camera ready.

But it was even better.
It turned out to be a dolphin!
It was a pretty awesome experience. I couldn’t believe my luck and it even swam towards me. I almost went into the water lol. Just goes to show to always have a camera with you because you never know what you will encounter. I would say it is one of the most joyful experiences I have had and it was completely unexpected! You can see its dorsal fin in the middle. I was lucky to catch the boat beyond aswell.


Perth CBD beyond.


Early morning sun. Voting time

Taken during the polls for local voting early this year in WA. Australia is about to have our federal elections this September 7. It has been pretty interesting, almost soap drama like. The labour government came into power with Kevin Rudd as the Prime Minister, he was then axed and our very first woman PM took over, Julia Gillard. Alot of people were pretty pissed off this occurred. Anyway recently there was another revolt and Kevin Rudd was again placed by the labour to be Prime Minister.

potential home buyers

I thought these two magpies seemed interested in the open house next door.  Maybe they wont swoop and scare people during nesting season. Traumatised me as a kid!


)Two fishermen on a gloomy day. Bridge beyond is where I took the first image.


New addition to Forrest Place in the Perth CBD. The square is great for some street photography.

Film 2: Kodak Portra 800 @ the Streets of Sydney part 1

Film 2: Kodak Portra 800 @ the Streets of Sydney

“Urban Fishing”
(preview of a ‘Landmark’ street series I had in mind)

The green tinge I observed from my indoor shots on the previous post is not so apparent when Portra 800 was used outside. I love the look of film!


Film 2: Kodak Portra 800 @ Anish Kapoor Exhibition MCA Sydney

Film 2: Kodak Portra 800 @ Anish Kapoor Exhibition MCA Sydney

Yesterday I really wanted to try to shoot an art exhibition by Anish Kapoor here in Sydney. I bought myself a roll of Portra 800 at a lab with some interesting results.

Greenish Tinge

Most of my indoor shots had a green tinge which I am not really a fan off. I found the gallery’s white walls had this discoloration I hate touching up film in lightroom but in this case I really didnt like the green look. Is this common? But in the end of the day, nothing beats the soulful look of film 🙂

Oh btw. The exhibition is excellent. If you are in Australia or planning to come here in sydney over the coming months, do check it out. Mind blowing, smile inducing works of art It is on until April too so plenty of time. It cost $20.00 for adult. Well worth it!

Copyright Justin Tan-Torres
Couples admiring “My red Homeland”
When I am pregnant
Copyright Justin Tan-Torres
a 24 ton corten steel scultpure. It is quite a sight to see. Only a smll portion of it is in this frame.
Copyright Justin Tan-Torres
A 24 ton corten steel scultpure. It is quite a sight to see. Only a small portion of it is in this frame.
Woman having fun with the reflections.
Copyright Justin Tan-Torres
Woman having fun with the reflections.
Copyright Justin Tan-Torres
Copyright Justin Tan-Torres