First Film Done !

First Film Done !

I feel so giddy anticipating how the images will come out from my film 🙂 Firstly had to search where in my City does E6 process. Luckily I found one and shall be visiting them next week 😀 Hoping some rather interesting results come out as it has been expired for a decade…..

oh and that I exposed everything correctly hehe..


Film insights thus far

Although i am able to count the number of times i have gone out and shot with my konica fta in one hand thus far, i have experienced a tremendous change in pace, consideration, observation and enjoyment. Each potential shot was considered and actually remembered, a feeling of excitement and fear arose.

” i hope it is exposed correctly”

“damnit i forgot to change the settings”

“oh shit light condition just changed”

“are the shadows harsh?”

For the first time i feel i have control, the camera listens to me. I dont need batteries, sunny 16 is my guide. I take my time, walk amongst the populace hoping to capture a moment in time. I have come up with themes and mini assignments whilst out and about, and feel people are much less threatened by my konica.  I wouldnt say i am anti social but i dont tend to start conversations with people out in the street. But shooting film has instilled an appreciation for the outside environment. perhaps its the change of pace or the meditative like experience. all i know is it feels great 🙂

However some things remain the same. Hesitations followed by regrets still plague me.

Should I ask for the shot?”

” I should have taken that shot”

” That person is a great subject”

” Why did i take so long to ask”

This is something which i wish to change and I am hoping to get over with experience and successes. Any thoughts, advice and tips are welcomed 🙂 Thanks for the visit.

Henri Cartier-Bresson: «I Don’t Take The Photograph, The Photograph Takes Me»


Mit einer kleinen Einführung von Richard Avedon beginnt das Inteview mit Henri Cartier-Bresson, einem der größten Fotografen des 20. Jahrhunderts. Mit seiner Bildästhetik prägte er das visuelle Verständnis einer ganzen Generation von Bildjournalisten – und tut dies immer noch. Er vermied es stets, selbst fotografiert zu werden, da es zu seiner Sicht der Dinge gehörte, als Fotograf unerkannt im Hintergrund zu arbeiten. Er gab nur ganz wenige Interviews. Dies ist eines davon. Enjoy.

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My first lesson + First exposure!

My first lesson + First exposure!

It has officially started. My very first film shot of 2013. Cannot wait to see it! Although it is just a leaf subject lol. I learnt how to read the light meter of the camera.

First Roll of Film is:
Kodak Ektachrome 64T

35 shots left until development!

Two images above was taken with an Iphone 4 and processed with picfx application incase you were wondering 🙂

My first Film Gear!


Day 1 starts with a Konica AutoReflex FTA. Inspired by Chris77photo’s: One Year, One Camera, One Lens, One film. With a slight variation of just Film 🙂 In his project, Chris picked one or two of his best images from his roll of film. I quite like this move as it will make you critique your own body of work in a forceful way.

This was shot using my Canon Kiss X5. Film shooting begins in 2013!

A journey into the world of film photography