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Bridge Project Update

So I have not had the chance to shoot nor scan the 3 remaining rolls of my processed superia 400 film.

Justice Now

Plus I am finding it difficult to pick the three photos aswell. How do you choose them as a coherent set? What narrative do I wish to show? Portraiture? Shadows? Still life?

Make shift bin

Perhaps Morning, Lunch and Late in the afternoon? Decisions decisions. Tips and advice welcome!

Down and out



Ilford HP5
Canonet QL17 GIII

First street portrait I have asked for since shooting film. I spotted Joe whilst walking as he was smoking on the path. At first I hesitated but came back and asked, sadly by this time he had finished his cigarette. I wish to do more street portraiture in the future, something to get the fear out of shooting out in the streets. He was a really cool guy, even took his glasses off as he didnt want the glare to ruin the picture. I feel the small size of the canonet also helps on not being too intimidating when out. Any tips or advice on how to approach people to ask for their image? I do prefer candid but at times it is nice to get to know a person and ask.