What is it all about?

A blog hoping to document my experiences shooting film.

One year on and my curiosity has turned into an addiction. I hardly touch my digital camera and carry my small canonet everywhere. It has definitely helped with the reduction of my digital footprint/litter.


Comments, tips, advice and critiques are welcome. Thank you for your visit.


18 thoughts on “What is it all about?”

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and the support πŸ˜€ I never would have thought to have begin shooting film either when I started. I feel it has helped me with my digital shooting. I find film shooting very meditative πŸ™‚

  1. If you can find a Konica Hexar AF – fixed lens 35mm f2 – you may lose the Leica envy. Some say it’s the camera Leica should have made. Autofocus and autowind but otherwise a rangefinder. I have one but it’s not for sale 😦

    1. Haha not quite. I wish I was. I shot Olongapo City for a month during my holiday and parts of Tagaytay. Usually based here in Aus. Are you based in the Philippines? I love the rawness of that place!

  2. Thanks for the like! I’m not sure that shooting film will be a cure for Gear Acquisition Syndrome, but at least it is heck of a lot cheaper than trying to be on top of digital gear. My latest find was a Canon slr for all of 7 bucks. I don’t shoot ‘better’ images with my Canon 6D. Film is fun!

    1. Thank you for your interest! Your speculation is correct, I had a recent discussion about the way I photograph here in my adopted country. Assimilated but in the end always an “outsider”. How one would photograph in theory should be unique as you see with a different cultural lens or bias. Like how you see and photograph the invisible things in Asia that the locals do not see because of your lens. Going back to the Philippines, I loved its rawness to photograph but the same rawness, not planned, maintained and designed facilities gets to me as an architect. Either way I am an outsider, heavily influenced by the uncanny in freudian sense of homely/unhomely. A subject which I want to explore as an ongoing photography project. Interestingly my half brother is there now to study highschool for a year or so. He loves the genuiness of the people and seems to feel more at ease there than here.

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