Agfa Precisa CT – Slide film goodness

Although technically not my first slide film as I shot some expired tungsten film at the beginning of my film journey, seeing the results of the Agfa made me  appreciate and marvel at the beautiful colour positive film gifts us with. I see nothing close to it in the digital age. So much so that I am thinking of purely shooting slide film and investing in a several more rolls of Agfa Precisa as it is affordable to buy from ebay. I also found a very good lab that does processing. Abit on the expensive side but the scans are tiffs and the processing is superb. My scans look so much more richer and clean. I hope they stay around for a long time.


SPNC - Year 4 - # 19





2 thoughts on “Agfa Precisa CT – Slide film goodness”

  1. Lovely photos! And so true about the film! I love slide/positive film, because when it was shot correctly it gave so fantastically clear and luminous tones. All highs and lows of light were so close to how the human eyes distinguished them. It has been quite a while since I shot any (I always do negatives, as you know). When I find some spare money, I will get a bunch! (By the way AGFA used to have a positive B&W film with fantastic quality, called SCALA)

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