I have began exploring film as a creative medium rather than just something to capture a moment while out and about. Seeing Rebecca Norris Webb and Ralph Eugene Meatyard work has opened up a whole other realm of photographic possibilities.

All the shots are from the same roll of Kodak Ultramax 400. The last shot is the first time I have tried using film for long exposure work. I used an app as a lightmeter which thankfully worked out. I love how film creates  such unpredictable colours and effects.







2 thoughts on “Fade”

    1. Thanks my friend. Appreciate the visit as always. I have google translated the article and read to the best of my google english translation ability. From what I gathered, there seems to be a whole lot of taxing of everything happening and the low income households are the most affected, with little effect to the rich as with most parts of our world. I am saddened to learn this struggle. In my early year’s of architecture study, I regarded Greek architecture as my favourite, and really looked up to such great feats and advancement. Now it is being pillaged. I like the message a the end of the article to stop the madness. There are 99% of those who suffer, and only one percent of those who benefit from all this. Stay strong and thanks for sharing your struggle.

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