Better Luck Next Time



2 thoughts on “Better Luck Next Time”

  1. It is no matter of luck. Or effort. When there are bets on games, forces stronger than the team players influence the results. That said I don’t imply that Germany won unfairly, in fact I can’t have an opinion, since I haven’t watched even one minute of the games. My general belief though is that things are not quite what they seem. And anyway, a game can’t save your life. And for Argentina, best of luck each day until the end of the terrible crisis.

    1. Hi Vasillis. I did not see the game either but I concur that an invisible hand can have influence in most of the things. I couldn’t fathom having such control over the world i.e the banks causing financial disarray only to get richer afterwards etc. That much power would make people feel untouchable, gods even.

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