One Fine Day

I red somewhere that going for a walk in nature mentally relieves us from the stress of work. Pairing that with the desire to shoot more film during my lunch hours, I started to take the Canonet with me to Kings Park as it walking distance from my work place.  The park which is apparently the biggest park in a metropolitan area at 1,003-acre, compared  to Central Park in New York City at 778 acres. However its peripheral location from the City disconnects it and a freeway further isolates it from the City unlike Central Park which is very much part of the New York City experience.

Although most of it is just bush on my side of the park (the monuments, views and restaurants are on the either side) I was drawn to some large trees that have been damaged by bush fire. There are probably more interesting finds if I go off track, but is currently not allowed to let the vegetation’s recover.


Grass recovery was in progress at some point which I found amusing.


On another note, I have began the culling my work on the flickr account. So far I have culled 150+ photos but there is so much more to go. The goal is to have 12 max photos per my previous years of shooting, ie. a photo a month constraint and 4 photos per month, or a photo per week post. Perhaps even limiting the posts to purely street work.


How disciplined I am on the posting regime is a whole different story. I have already posted two entries this week on the blog when I wanted to post one a month. It is in hope to get a much more critical objective view of the work, to sit with it for sometime. Rebecca Norris Webb speaks about letting the work speak to her, trusting that her work is much smarter than her own logic. Letting intuition be the guide. I found this very much intriguing. Perhaps most photogs dream, but wouldn’t be nice to be a fine art photographer. Hopefully one fine day.




3 thoughts on “One Fine Day”

    1. Hi Eddie 🙂 yes it is the ql17 giii. Silver version. I wanted the black one but way too expensive. Great small rangefinder. Do you shoot with it too?

      1. Yes I do have the silver version. The black ones are way overpriced in Hong Kong as well. I also have the Yashica GX and they’re a wonderful combo to go out with.

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