I now have a number of rolls that have been developed and not seeing them for such a long time makes it easier to be objective about the image. The result is that I like very little of them from the roll.

I have been thinking for awhile about culling the amount of photos I have shared on the web, and perhaps posting one or two in a month from then on. Image sharing feels like a race for me these days.  Shooting something, then posting. The value of the image lost in a sea of photographs. Bombarded by so much quantity, quality gets affected.

Printing is something I have also been thinking about doing lately. Selecting a few images that I consider to be acceptable and physically interacting with it. A way to slow down the pace. Halting it together. Time use to stop when I shot. Now it races.  I have lost control and need to regain sanity and start enjoying photography once again. To start shooting for me, to say something from the inside rather than from those I idolize or creating an image for others. I would like to thank my dear friend Vasillis for the clarity and dialogue on these issues.





4 thoughts on “Saturated”

    1. Thanks Vassilis! Very much appreciate your support , mentoring and guidance my friend. Thank you for all the faves on my other account aswell. It helps me alot with the culling!!! hehe. Hopefully get to do a photowalk with you one sunny day!

      1. I hope things will get better and if they do we can walk under Acropolis. Otherwise I don’t where in the world I’ll be. But a walk it is!

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