This photo was taken September this year from my trip to the Philippines on calmer times. There I experienced one of the worst floods in the history of the city of Olongapo, but that is nothing compared to the destruction of one of the strongest storm that ever hit the planet in 30 years. Haiyan, hit the island of bohol with 320km/h wind gusts, displacing thousands of residents and killing more than 10 000 people.  It is a full blown humanitarian crises. It hit close to home too as one of the Australian’s killed was a former priest at my parish. He leaves a baby girl, a wife and two kids. That really shook me. I was not that close with him, but I felt a real sense of loss. Life can really just change in an instant. I cannot imagine how his family and friends are feeling.

Lots of aide is thankfully coming through but I hope they are mindful of the corrupt snakes in the Philippine government that would not think twice to pocket $$ from the victims if given the chance.


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  1. The support from overseas has been tremendous. Gives hope to humanity that there is still compassion in the world. I pray the government can handle it and not misuse/divert aide.

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