Roll 14: Lucky Super 200

Large Mother Mary Statue.. Bad toilet facility

Whilst in Tagaytay we visited a large mother mary statue. It was 4-5 storeys high, a pretty awesome sight. Inside there is a small shrine where people can pray and offer donations. Just stay away from the toilet. They ask for 10pesos for maintenance, which I find ironic as it is a blatant lie. The toilet’s condition is horrendous, there is no light, terribly dirty and smells like you know what.


The development academy of the Philippines is just opposite the large statue.  Just a bit of striding street photography  🙂


Bee Farm

We also visited a beautiful bee farm. They sold lots of bee products, from shampoos to vinegar. It was quite a bumpy ride to get there but what was most interesting  was that it was  two way, one lane road! Luckily we did not encounter anyone half way otherwise it would have been a funny game of chicken.


Bee Houses amongst the greenery.


Bee Homes with chickens 🙂


Employees sorting out the bee products. They spoke a different dialect which I am not familiar with.


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