Roll 14: Lucky Super 200

People’s Park in the Sky

One of the most interesting places I have visited it while staying in the Philippines. Travel time was more than 5 hours courtesy of the insane traffic in Manila and bad road conditions from the strong typhoon that hit the country 2 weeks earlier. The park is located in Tagaytay, a place that looks cleaner than most places in the Philippines, has considerably less people and noticeably cleaner air, the park is a gold mine for photography. There are lots of texture and urban decay, a great location for a photoshoot.

Built under the Marcos regime, the park is massive and is located on the highest point of the City, visitors are able to view Taal Volcano in the distance. It is eccentric to say the least, with Greek style columns, an amphitheater, a statue of David, and a large statue of Jesus. I can only imagine how beautiful and grand it must have been when it was in its prime. I wish it was looked after more. As corrupt as Marcos was during his reign, I must say he contributed a lot in the vision and architecture of the country. But he will always be overshadowed by shoes.


5 thoughts on “Roll 14: Lucky Super 200”

  1. What an exquisite series of photos! Bravo, all of them keepers!
    And somehow dictators of the past look better than the dictators of today. Maybe because today the governments claim they are democratic, while doing the same things as dictators.

    1. Thank you very much Vassilis! I very much appreciate your compliments 😀 You are quite right pointing that out. Democracy has failed its people. Power hungry, corrupt officials who siphon money or give it to bankers who contributed to the mess in the first place. It will be interesting how the US tackles the debt ceiling deadline this Christmas holiday. It could be a very different world soon. The fiat money system is at its end.

  2. hmmmnn… You gave me an idea… I was planning where to go next…I’ll go back to Tagaytay.. thanks! Oh… nice pictures… really loved that Parthenon pic there 🙂

    1. No worries 🙂 Tagaytay is so beautiful! I find it is untouched compared to places I use to love as a child. Baguio for instance is so packed now and subic bay is so run down 😦 Anyways I cannot wait to see your photos and experience of the place!

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