Roll 13: Lucky Super 200

Roll 13: Lucky Super 200

More beach images on this new roll. The local beaches in Olongapo City where I grew up used to be so beautiful when I was a kid, now they are polluted with garbage.  It is quite disheartening. I wish things turned around in the Philippines but sadly things will just get worse. The recent floods deemed the worse in Olongapo’s history is now claiming more lives because of leptospirosis, a water bourne disease caused by the urine of rats. It wouldn’t be so bad however the hospitals cannot handle the influx of people. Serious aide needs to be done by the Filipino government before a full outbreak occurs.


Mother and child strolls by the water. A piece of metal lies on the shore.


Boat tracks.

body parts (1 of 1)-2

A stroller contemplates.

River bank (1 of 1)-2

Shark fin looking things by the water

River bank (1 of 1)-3

San Miguel Pale Pilsen.


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