Roll 12: Lucky Super 200

Roll 12: Lucky Super 200

Here are the other images from the roll. I usually dont group what I have in the roll like the previous upload, but felt there was a theme in the boat images.

Image 1:

What I loved about the Philippines was the texture and its
overall rawness. Interesting scenes just happen everywhere. Brilliant for street photography. Clothes being hung to dry by the fence was a common site. I have many more on the other rolls hehe.

clothesline (1 of 1)-2

Image 2: My uncle noticed these pants hanging in the middle of this laneway whilst we were on the way back home from our photowalk.  One of the many gems you find when walking the streets. Oh and I have no idea where that black mark came from on the lower left hand side  😦

Hush (1 of 1)

Image 3:  I was bored one day so I decided to do a mini project on my grandma’s pets.  This is Hush, a very big and smart dog. He pushes a chair next to the balustrade in order to look over the balcony!

tire (1 of 1)

Image 4: Cup on a tire at the beach. Wished I played more with this shot.

Hillside homes (1 of 1)

Image 5: I was trying to capture the girl in yellow going up these long and steep steps on the right hand side from a balcony. Wishful thinking with my 50mm but it does show the scene of the hillside homes.

Pool (1 of 1)

Image 6: A good old reflection Image of my grandmas pool that was used only once in its lifetime. The problem was when the house was constructed drainage was not considered. They actually just let it drain onto the street! Sadly such construction problems due to oversight, cost cutting, lack of care and construction techniques are common there. Having a design background I couldn’t help but notice the sub par construction finishings and poor quality of buildings. Great for photography as you get some really raw areas and lots of urban decay but horrible if you consider it has not progressed at all.



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