Roll 12: Lucky Super 200

Roll 12: Lucky Super 200

Finally back home here in Australia. Whilst away on holiday I was able to experience the worst flood in the city of Olongapo. I shot it but with digital as I ran out of film and the film store I usually get access to got flooded aswell. So I wont be posting those up here but feel free to check them out on my flickr if you would like to see the result of incompetence and corruption of the government.

I have started to get some of the rolls developed here, which are pretty much all Lucky films. The roll was mostly of these fishermen on the beach which  supposedly had an entrance fee, but they only charged it if you are not from that neighbourhood. It cost 35 pesos, which we refused to pay as we only want to walk and take photos and not swim. I have no problem with paying, but dont try to rip me off and be consistent with asking for admission. Makes me so angry how filipinos do this to one another. If you are a sucker they will make money of you. Anyways, My uncle and I stayed for about half an hour just waiting for them to reel in the fish so we can capture the moment. Sadly they didnt catch any but that didn’t stop us from snapping.

These came out so sharp that it confirmed the previous roll’s scratches was due to the machine. Quiet happy with my new Pentax K1000 🙂 I also like the contrast of this lucky film. Not bad for $2.00. Wish I bought more


Dont Get wet




4 thoughts on “Roll 12: Lucky Super 200”

    1. Thank you my friend. I have made it safely back with all my rolls of film 🙂 But I bring back more problems, this time of my birth country and its appalling government and its inhumane corruption. 😦

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