Back to my roots

I have the opportunity to return back to my homeland the Philippines next month. I can’t tell you how excited I am to shoot some travel photography with the canonet exploring the life and city where I spent most of my childhood 😀 I haven’t been back to visit for 6 years and I am so glad I have discovered the joys of film photography to help capture some memories. 

I will try to post some rolls whilst overseas to keep the blog moving. Hopefully more places develop in the Philippines and that film is abundant. Anyone know if its easily attainable there? I’m planning on doing a photography project which I hope to turn into a community/blog if all goes well. Stay tuned. I will be welcoming community feedback and contributions 🙂  Not quite ready or wanting to do a 9-5 office job, staring at a computer and drawing repetitive lines just yet!


PS: CAD monkeys is the proper term for a graduate architect 😦 






4 thoughts on “Back to my roots”

  1. Hope you have fun and the new reality is as good as your memories! Don’t forget to take a digital camera as well, because film is fine but digital is more flexible.

  2. hello sir/madam,im jan from olongapo city,im looking for a blog that is about my a Filipino,born and raise in new in blogging so as I look for a story about olongapo city,and the first blog is your blogsite.and I was mesmerize on your film photography that features olongapo city.hope its ok for you if I follow your blog.and I want to do also a blog about the story of olongapo now and then.

    1. Thank you very much Jan for checking out my blog and following 🙂 I am glad you have found my blog insightful. Welcome to blogging! I look forward to your Olongapo stories. I hope the recent flood did not affect you. I was able to experience it whilst I was in Olongapo and it was terrible. So much damage and loss. I pray no other typhoon comes and adds to more damage and the City is recovering.

      1. oh!its nice to hear from glad that you replied,i live in the high land here in olongapo me and the rest of my family is safe.but we do some help for my kababayan who lives down stream.i have some shoots of after flood.because my high school alumni took some chances to gather some groceries ang clothes and even first aid mediines from our co-alumni from the Philippines and even from the alumni who lives in the US because.we have that in the US group of alumni also.that celebrating a grand reunion last few days ago in Vegas.maybe if I have the time ill post all my shots in #sagradongsilid .by the way thanks for the inspiration photos.hope to see more from you.from your kababayan,jan.

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