A seed

Even though I have had a short time shooting with film (less than a year at this point) I really want the medium to get a very big revival, back to the mainstream rather than to a select few. There is so much expertise and knowledge out there, and I find  film shooters are more than happy to share information and lend a helping hand to the beginners. Its magic should be retained, its process is so much more tactile and thought out. A memory and experience. So much so that I had some musings on how it could be done and thus the post lol. I think a collective framework is key, basically power in numbers 🙂 and so the revival might start with a collection of ideas/suggestions on how we could make this happen.


2 thoughts on “A seed”

  1. The film id dead, long live film! Most people I know are shooting with film as well. Of course once they were introduced to the digital cameras, their bulk “photo production” was digital, but they really admire the film qualities. So one soldier here for a noble cause!

    1. Thank you my friend! It is great that film is still going strong there. I hardly see anyone with a film camera these days if ever. I think once actually while I was out in the City. More thinking will be devoted here once I finish with my studies (minor setback) but I wanted to see what other film shooters thought about how it could happen. Brain storming 😀

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