Anish Kapoor and the Uncanny

Anish Kapoor and the Uncanny

Kodak Tri-X 400
Canonet QL 17 GIII

I love the way the artist challenges the notion of a wall as a medium. As a student in architecture I find artist are more able to push the boundaries of its properties and uses although in the setting of a gallery. I have been looking at and getting lost into the world that is “uncanny”. I feel kapoor’s work especially in spacial voids using pigments and fibreglass to be great examples of the uncanny. Light does not escape.. there is depth we somehow know as we can slightly see it.. Our eyes trick us because of our desire and a feeling of unease settles in. The familiar becomes strange. Anthony Vidler in his essay the unhomely homes points out Art is uncanny as it is both a mask and presentation of the world. I believe we all need to experience “a slight reset in space and experience” that I feel the notion of the uncanny can give us. Not just in the gallery setting but in our everyday experience of a space.. whether it be the city or the home.


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