Roll 4: Ilford HP5

Roll 4: Ilford HP5
Chess Pieces

Received my black and white scans in the mail from Sydney today. A much cheaper alternative than the labs here in Western Australia. This particular roll was special as I went in to shoot street with the code of “shooting only when I really needed to”. This way I didn’t let the pace of the city control how I composed and captured.  Although i was out for 8 hours, I only shot 30x. I still had 6 left! Maybe I am just cheap lol Also asked for my first film street portrait on this day. I will post it on the next batch from this roll.

Better than Sinatra
Better than Sinatra

Whilst out I came across Raymond Borzelli in Hyde Park who was recently featured in a short film called “Better than Sinatra” as part of Australia’s Tropfest 2013 contest. It won 2nd from all of the entries. The director wasn’t planning on making it about him but saw that people were entertained by the way he danced whilst he was trying to shoot a scene. He dances for no money, but just the enjoyment of seeing the smiles in other people 🙂 More info about the film at


I am always drawn to small stalls selling magazines or fruits in Sydney. They are probably very much photographed in Cities so I thought I should try and get one under my belt. Lucky the guy didn’t mind.


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