Interesting Film related discovery (BUSTED: Forensic police do not use 35mm film)

Today I was in the shopping mall when I spotted a forensic police working near a jewellery store. I thought to myself how perfect! What are the chances of a forensic police showing up near my blog post. Now I do not need to ask friends if they know anyone who works as a police lol.

I hesitated initially but eventually decided to ask him.Β I waited until he finished and asked about what camera they use and if its true that it must be film. Low and behold he tells me “Everything is digital these days” 😦 Not sure why but the image isnt showing underneath. Click to see the scene snapped with good old iphone πŸ™‚


The camera of choice he shows me is the Nikon D300s. It also had a flash on it, although located to the side of the camera.

Image Source:
Image Source:

Of course I had to then ask this “digital age” old question

Do you shoot RAW OR JPG?

The answer was Jpg. Β He further explains that the courts in Australia look at the Metadata of the image. I guess there is a standard and If anything unusual or funny is about it wont be accepted and is deemed tampered. Β The Nikon D300s seems to fulfil this need and was the popular choice at this point in time. I can see alot of the nikon fan boys smiling now.

Original Image Source:
Original Image Source:

It felt great getting the answer from a forensic police officer in person. Ended up investigating without really trying to which was exciting. However it does sadden me that film is really becoming pushed to the periphery. I feel as lovers of this great medium, we should try and bring it back to mainstream rather than merely preserving it.


2 thoughts on “Interesting Film related discovery (BUSTED: Forensic police do not use 35mm film)”

  1. You wouldn’t expect to find many film lovers hidden in the police force, would you? πŸ˜‰ It is all down to doing the job. A great film IMHO, was Mad dog and Gloria, with de Niro playing a forensic’s photographer and Bill Murray a gangster, with a fixation to stand up comedy πŸ˜‰ And a beautiful Uma Therman. And yes, the IR film is fantastic, but there were always ways (black light, chemical analysis, etc) to pick up this sort of evidence. I guess there are ways to emulate IR results with a digital camera.

    1. I shall see this film over the weekend πŸ™‚ Would be great to find out more from details from a forensic photographer and if they had to be a photographer to actually get the position or just assigned to it. Thinking about my design field, gone are the days of hand drawing/sketching, everything is done by software. A design tool with knowledge translated on screen from clicking!

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