Interesting Film Related Discovery 1

Copyright Justin Tan-TorresWork
Copyright Justin Tan-Torres

I have heard that forensic Police in Australia must use film as it is cannot be photoshopped. Tried to verify this online but couldnt find any details. Interesting how they help keep film alive! Has anyone else heard of this?


6 thoughts on “Interesting Film Related Discovery 1”

  1. I like the logic of it, but I think it is far fetched. I googled it, but came up with no results either! I think that digital cameras can provide better, faster and easier to handle photos for this line of work. There are ways to secure the not tempering, the best is by burning into a DVD the photos, right after the shooting. And if somebody is up to it and has motive, money and time, he can photoshop a film as well. But nonetheless, it is very interesting. Let me know if you find out!

  2. I was at a camera store where I was told the Forensics Police were switching from dslrs to Olympus OMD with mini LED spot lights. Not sure what to believe as I’ve never seen forensics in action.

    1. Great! We got a confirmation :). I wonder if its all forensic photographers there or a personal preference. Never thought about IR but it makes sense. Cheers Jana

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