My City From the safety of Suburbia

Expired Film: Kodak Ektachrome 64T pt.2
Copyright Justin Tan-Torres
Suburbia arised as to get away from the busy, dirty and smelly cities of the past. As with most changes, it is now a problem known as suburban sprawl. Currently high – medium density developments is being pushed by planners as to stop the “spread”, destruction of land and increase community engagement in our society. Would you give up your white picket fence for a small apartment?

Hey all. I had been posting quite a bombardment of images of my film progress lately due to excitement. I realised this pace is akin to burst shooting and decided to just take it down a notch. I shall try to filter things slowly here otherwise I’d run out of images to share lol..  It seems silly to rush posting images, as it almost defeats the purpose of shooting film. I find it’s making me shoot faster as I would just want to get it develop and scanned ASAP.

Copyright Justin Tan-Torres
I dream of a holiday

I have been a little spoiled getting 5 rolls developed in less than a month. This not very economical especially when one does not process nor scan his fim yet. I’ll try to write more stuff on my experiences while shooting rather than just the scans as I feel the process of searching for the “shot” is overlooked  (That moment you felt there was a potential in the scene you were looking at and had this itch to capture). I find this has the tendency of reducing images into mere adjectives especially on image sharing sites. I am glad to have discovered that in my short time blogging about my film foray, a dialogue exists between bloggers/photographers. The overwhelming positive response/ support and discussions I have had so far had been terrific. There is a wealth of knowledge out there and you all have been very kind to share 🙂 Thank you!

Did I mention film was awesome? lol


5 thoughts on “My City From the safety of Suburbia”

  1. I had a Canoscan 8800F when I first started with film again and it paid for itself in just a few months. Completely agree about the community support and discussion – surprised and very happy with the quality of engagement on WP and elsewhere. Glad to connect!

    1. Cheers for the visit 🙂 I have been wanting to buy a whole kit in order to start developing. I figured I’ll slowly gather things until I can do bw processing. Printing is something I also want to get into as it seems to complete the whole process of photography. Absolute control of one’s work is something rare in the digital age.

  2. you can always schedule your posts for a later time if you want to blog a lot, or all at once. When I find I have moments like those, that is what I tend to do. You can always start a flickr account to share more images, but spread out over different places.

    1. Hi Sarah, Yeah I just found that out recently. What a great feature! There are times where I have something to say and should just blog it with a schedule instead of waiting. I find its different writing it later on after the “aha” moment. I also have flickr but tend to release more of my film work here. I no longer have pro so they limit your images to 200 and lock you from accessing the rest. Kind of blackmail i think.

      1. ahha, blackmail, never thought of that. I am considering reinstating my pro status, but sadly for some reason I’m not on that often anymore. We’ll see.

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