Expired Film: Kodak Ektachrome 64T

Expired Film: Kodak Ektachrome 64T

Date Expired: 1999

This was the first film I have shot when I received my SLR. I had finally gotten it developed here in Sydney after one month of sitting in my bag. The lab called me once they finished developing as the film came out thin and asked if I still wanted it scanned. I gave the go ahead as I had waited for a month to see it on my screen and of course share it on this blog. Sadly the complication did not end there. On the following morning it was scheduled for pick up but the scanner was not burning them to CD and had to wait an extra day. Luckily it was fixed this morning and I have posted some of them here (I can’t show all of them at once) ;P

Home Alone
Home Alone
Jetty Perspective

The scans came out soft and not contrasty with not alot of detail. I had to do some lightroom editing to get some details back. Thanks vgonis for the lightroom discussion. It helped with the easing of touch ups πŸ™‚ Perhaps I should have cross processed it? I similarly have an expired 10 yr provia awaiting developing. Should I cross process this? Im just glad they didnt turn out blank!

FYI some lightroom editing which helped bring some contrast and detail were:

Luminance and saturation on the ‘blue color slider, adjusting blacks, highlights, contrast & shadow sliders were also helpful.


8 thoughts on “Expired Film: Kodak Ektachrome 64T”

  1. Some nice and unique results there! Do you have any more films from this batch? You should try and put their flaws in good use. Blues are prevailing and there is a touch of red (magenta) in there as well. Greens are completely off. So focus on the colors that are still available and overexpose some stops, to get stronger results.
    Back in the mid 90ies when film was king, I came across a huge book that had the results of time passing on films and printed photographs, tested and analyzed. It was pretty expensive to buy, but I spent some time with it. One of his interesting points was which colors on every film (developed, exposed and not exposed) went first and that always had to do with the storage (date, humidity, temperature) Unfortunately, I don’t remember it’s title and author. What I do remember is that Reds go first followed by Greens. And I am a bit surprised that there is so much red in there! But chemistry always plays tricks, and that is what is fascinating about expired films. πŸ˜‰ A friend found and bought some 30 expired Velvias and he is determined to go for a special trip and use them. I told him to try at least one first and see the results. It would be a shame to snap a fantastic moment and then be let down from the results, that can’ t even be fixed by Lightroom πŸ™‚ (thank you)
    If you have more, just use one to snap the Kodak color scale, grey scale and card and some dense basic colors to see what works best. Carry on with this project! Apart from your artistic endeavors you create a valuable database for every lover of film, expired or not!

    And here is an interesting tip:

    1. Once again thank you for giving such great info Vassilis! Its interesting to know which colours do go first and a possible strategy to put it to great use. Sadly I no longer have another one 😦 I have one roll of expired ekthacrome 400 left but this has not been kept in the fridge. I’ll be sure to test a roll with color/grey/card scales if I manage to come across another batch πŸ™‚ I quite like the look of expired film and the further enjoyment of seeing if the roll was exposed lol. Would love to see the results from the Velvia your friend has discovered! Hope to get the provia processed soon. Many thanks again for sharing such great knowledge.

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