Film 2: Kodak Portra 800 @ Anish Kapoor Exhibition MCA Sydney

Film 2: Kodak Portra 800 @ Anish Kapoor Exhibition MCA Sydney

Yesterday I really wanted to try to shoot an art exhibition by Anish Kapoor here in Sydney. I bought myself a roll of Portra 800 at a lab with some interesting results.

Greenish Tinge

Most of my indoor shots had a green tinge which I am not really a fan off. I found the gallery’s white walls had this discoloration I hate touching up film in lightroom but in this case I really didnt like the green look. Is this common? But in the end of the day, nothing beats the soulful look of film 🙂

Oh btw. The exhibition is excellent. If you are in Australia or planning to come here in sydney over the coming months, do check it out. Mind blowing, smile inducing works of art It is on until April too so plenty of time. It cost $20.00 for adult. Well worth it!

Copyright Justin Tan-Torres
Couples admiring “My red Homeland”
When I am pregnant
Copyright Justin Tan-Torres
a 24 ton corten steel scultpure. It is quite a sight to see. Only a smll portion of it is in this frame.
Copyright Justin Tan-Torres
A 24 ton corten steel scultpure. It is quite a sight to see. Only a small portion of it is in this frame.
Woman having fun with the reflections.
Copyright Justin Tan-Torres
Woman having fun with the reflections.
Copyright Justin Tan-Torres
Copyright Justin Tan-Torres

6 thoughts on “Film 2: Kodak Portra 800 @ Anish Kapoor Exhibition MCA Sydney”

  1. Very interesting photos! Why having reservations about Lightroom? I think that the actual point is reaching a high aesthetic result and every other rule that stops you from accomplishing this is a bad rule! I used to have this reservation (classic photographers claimed “no cropping, no interference”) but I gave it up, simply because it is not true! They were cropping alright! But I have to admit that it is a good tool, so that you can achieve a fine result right from the shooting. It was my main concern when there wasn’t a digital choice, because of the cost of the film. But it should not stop you from resqueing a photo or making a good one, even better! I stopped shooting colour film about a year ago. I have a couple of rolls in my bag, but I find that since they do not pay attention to my colour films when they develope them (at various shops) then I see no use wasting money, time and nice photos, just to be ruined by them with their bad chemicals. And yes, what a great feeling is having to wait for some time to see the results! I guess that film enhanced the photography experience, and printing even more.
    Keep up the spirit!

    1. Thank you very much for the words of encouragement and support! I try not to manipulate it but you are right. Lightroom gives you creative control and small touches to bring details is a good thing 🙂 I just got my expired ektachrome 64t developed and it came out really low contrasty on scan. I was told by the lab that the film was thin and asked if I still wanted it scanned. I had to use lightroom to bring out the details and funnily enough had to increase the blues to get the details lol. I am very much a film convert and finding that It has change the way I shoot for the better 🙂

      1. For the last 10 years I have only been using Tri-X b&w film (Tmax 100, 400, 3200-pulled to 800- are great too, Illford HP5 was great as well and Agfa Scala b&w slide was heaven and not forget the HS infra red!) and I was let down when they changed it. I had to try new times and dissolutions with HC 110. The standard one- B dissolution (1+31) was giving me times below the 5 minutes mark, for the new Tri-X, and it was not good. I am still experimenting with Illford developers, and Microphen is pretty good, but really off the suggested time. It needs more time for fine dense blacks. But at least I have some control over them. The shops some times do not replenish their chemicals, in time. And when the film is ruined, there are not many things you can do…
        The darkroom experience is fantastic. To create a b&w one, is pretty easy and rather inexpensive, because the material are very tolerant. (temprature and stirring and in a way with light) Color darkroom is more expensive, not so much the “hardware” (I bet you can find plenty of them very cheaply) But the papers and chemicals are way too expensive, plus the desired results come with greater effort than b&w and you waste too many papers and chemicals to get there. That is why I have only b&w darkroom, and I prefer the “lottery” results for the color films from the labs!
        In the darkroom you can do unbelievably many things to manipulate your photo, and using a program to do the same things easily and more efficiently is not a bad thing. If yout moto is :”only do with programs what I would be able to do in the darkroom”, you are in for a big surprise, because masters in printing, can accomplish what most of the programs offer in the darkroom!

      2. The way you have been talking about developing in the dark room and its process has got me really excited when I get to finally do it myself. It’s a shame that those films are no longer available to try and enjoy today. You have alot of knowledge on this and I will be asking lots of questions when the time comes if you dont mind 🙂 I feel film is “art” due to its physical process and control unlike the pixel version captured by an automatic sensor. Just hearing your stories I can already imagine the mood being in that mode of processing and printing. I on the other hand use lightroom on the computer. The stories I tell today will be sitting down moving sliders on a program but soon will be on bw processing 🙂

  2. Oh, by the way, the green tint may be the result of various sources. Check if you can with exposures from a daylight scene, or different light sources. Go and develope in another shop and cross check. If you scan them yourself, change the settings and see how it goes!

    1. Great Idea on getting it developed from somewhere else. I will get my portra 800 developed somewhere else in the future for reference. Slowly want to gather my bw kit to develop and scan my own stuff. Sad that lsome abs are not consistent with their results and do not keep their chemicals in order. I really wish film gets a massive revival soon. 😦

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