B Sides

Water FeaturesEach to their own Use other format Pavilion

I am finding shooting film are giving alot more keepers than expected 🙂 Here are some which did not make the previous post.


7 thoughts on “B Sides”

  1. I think shooting in film makes you more mindful in what and how you shoot. I know I do because I only have a certain number of frames and I’m too cheap to develop oodles of film lol.

    1. completely understand sarah! I find the $ aspect adds to the film sensation 🙂 Another limit which is imposed on us. Instant gratification of digital shooting is dampen once again. I shot abit of digital recently and I find I dont even want to post them anymore! lol

      1. you know, I felt the same way for a while. I think eventually you find a balance between the two. I’m actually looking at getting a DSLR again but not sure which to get…

      2. Hmm DSLRs. I have recently become a Micro 4/3 convert since using an OM-D EM5. Great piece of technology. Should try and give it a go. So much lighter and easier to bring when out and about 🙂

      3. Thanks for that. I think as long as I can manually focus and can change lenses I’m ok with that. I’m not going professional just yet lol

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