Light Seal Surgeries

Light Seal Surgeries

For those who are thinking about doing it, it’s doable. There are alot of instructions and information out in the web. It does take time however, so make sure you have an afternoon free (in my case 3 afternoons). I experimented with non foam light seals, ie, a rubber type but was not successful as it was so damn hard to cut and fit. I suggest using black felt or buy a kit online from Jon Goodman. Here are some useful links which has helped me alot. Without these guys it would have been close to impossible. Thanks!

More specific for Canonets QL17 Replacements:

Solvent is useful to make the cleaning of the old light seals easier, and a movie on the background helps kill time.

For those who have done it. I feel like I am part of the club! lol. My patients can be seen below.

Copyright Daniel BroeselMy brother took this shot. Alot better than what I had intended.
Copyright Daniel Broesel
My brother took this shot. Alot better than what I had intended.

5 thoughts on “Light Seal Surgeries”

  1. I’ve always been too scared to do something like that, though I’ve been lucky enough to purchase cameras that don’t require fixing. I really should blog about my yard sale findings someday.

    1. It is quite easy on rangefinders. The slr replacements seemed to be abit more tricky. I am yet to find a great treasure in a yard sale. Would love to hear your acquisitions. I red somewhere one person was able to get a Leica M1 for about $50!!!!

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