I finally got to ringing some local photo labs in my City to get some quotes and time frames on developing my E6 slide films.  And found out:


One roll of 36 exposures processing = $27!!!!

CD scan = $6..

Time: 2 – 3 days 😦

Total cost = $33.00

Shooting your first roll of slide film before doing some further research and taking some dumb ass hip shots of people  (i am not saying hip shots are dumb, I just dont do it enough to warrant getting better at it using film)  


WTF… If i knew this sooner I would have made my shots count more. Putting into the mix having no prior film experience and using expired film which have not been stored in a cool place has got me pissed at myself for doing some crappy hip shots.

But luckily in the east coast of Aus (Sydney) i found a photolab which is affordable. ( Its only about a 4 hour flight from the Perth where I am currently studying) 

Comparatively the cost of developing and scans were:

Processing = $11 for E6 and C41 (Done in 2 hours)

Scanning = varies depending on quality chosen.

Man oh man I wish I loaded a roll of Tri X 400 instead of the Provia 1600 😦 Must make the remaining exposures really count. My film foray is off to a slow start. Planning to get some bw chemicals so I can start developing at home.

I really just want to see some pictures…


2 thoughts on “Pricetag”

    1. Yep. Only 2 labs in WA process slide too. Fotoriesel is awesome. I told them I will be sending more stuff from WA. They said I was the first from here lol.

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