Second of roll of expired film anxiety

Film no. 2 : Fujifilm Provia 1600. Expired 1999

I am yet to get my first roll of film developed but have started to move on to the second roll. I did a lot of research on this particular film and discovered it’s actually a 400 asa made to be pushed up to 3200! Apparently there was a lot of confusion at the time of its release as the packaging has 1600 LARGELY written on it.

As it has been expired for more than a decade, my online research and queries from various photographers that have used this film have indicated that it is best to set it at 200 instead of 400Ā ( as a rule of thumb: one stop down for every decade expired)Ā 

I’ve taken quite abit of photos today with it and again feeling pretty anxious and nervous about the exposures. I already have a favourite from this morning and is really hoping it turns out decent lol.

Have any of you photographers fallen in love with a shot and were delighted or not so delighted with how they turned out once you got them developed? And what were they?


4 thoughts on “Second of roll of expired film anxiety”

  1. I never knew about the pulling of the expired film! Thanks! I’ve fallen in love with a shot I took in Tibet, I was leaving a temple, the sun was terrible on my eyes, and I saw two monks looking at me. I tried to take a photo quickly but that wasn’t happening haha.. I realized they knew I was taking a photo of them and when I got the film developed it became my favorite shot of all time.

    1. Oh wow tibet! Great to hear a success story let alone it being one of your favorite photographs you have taken šŸ™‚ Would love to see the shot if you have it online somewhere šŸ˜€

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